Importance of SSL Certificate

Importance of SSL Certificate

What is an SSL Certificate? Do I need one? The answer is YES!

If you own a website or blog, a secure website is now a necessity, even if you are not doing eCommerce.

Benefits of an SSL Certificate

Protects Data

The core function of the certificate is to protect communication between server and browser. Data is locked and can only be unlocked by the intended recipient. No one else can open it. Hackers are unable to steal sensitive data such as password, credit card information and more. Data is turned into an undecipherable format and a hacker’s skills is worthless against the encryption technology of SSL certificates.

Affirms Your Identity

The second function is to provide authentication of a website. Identity verification is an important aspect of web security. There are cases where people have lost thousands of dollars to fake websites. There is where an SSL certificate comes into play.

By installing an SSL, you must go through a validation process by a Certificate Authority (CA). Depending on the type of certificate, the CA will verify your identity. Once authenticated, your website will get trust indicators confirming your integrity. When users see them, they know who they are talking to.

This is like having a verified social media account. There only difference is you have a verified website instead of a social media account. Such verification ensures that imposters have not created a fake website pretending to be yours. This is called Phishing. With SSL, it helps drive users to the authentic website, prevents frauds and enhances your reputation.

Search Engine

Google changed its algorithm in 2014 to give advantage to secure websites. Having an SSL could be the factor that allows your site to rank higher than your competitor.

PCI/DSS Requirements

If you are accepting payments online, you need to know about PCI/DSS requirements. The business is required to ensure the security of customer and credit card data. Having a secure website is the one of the primary requirements for payment card industry (PCI) compliance.

Customer Trust

SSL certificates provides trust to the customer. The easy identify lock icon next to your website address in the web browser ensure their data is secured.

If you install the Organization Validation (OV) or Extended Validation (EV) version of the certificate, your company name will be shown. Your visitors will know you are legitimate and be far more likely to do business with you and revisit your website.

Secure websites provide trust and confidence
Example of PayPal website showing certificate issued to the company.

Google Makes SSL Mandatory

Since 2018, Google has made SSL mandatory to give users a safer browsing experience. Websites without SSL certificate will be flagged. Popular web browsers like Chrome and Firefox will show a warning message of “Not Secure” in the URL bar.

There is a possibility unsecure website will be locked from loading in the browser in the future. It does not matter if you have a personal blog or a shopping portal, SSL is now mandatory. Not following may result in loss of visitors and credibility which is not something a website owner would like to face.

Disadvantages of SSL

While there are many advantages, there is some disadvantages of using SSL certificates. Cost is one reason. Providers need to set up a trusted infrastructure and validate your identity, so there is cost involved.

Performance is another disadvantage. Information needs to be encrypted by the server, so it will use more server resources. The performance degradation is noticeable for websites with substantial number of visitors.

Web Creator Studio

Web Creator Studio provides complimentary SSL which each website built and hosted by us. One of our top priorities is providing secure and trusted web solutions. The certificate will be valid for the entire duration of your subscription with us.

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